Reflections: “Memories I Will Never Forget”

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As we wrapped up our last week of ministry in Port Shepstone, we took some time to reflect and hear about some of our team’s favorite moments throughout the trip. A big focus we have within the last few days is marking what God has done, both through us and in our own hearts. Here are some of the students responses to being asked what their favorite experience or moment in ministry was.

“Going to the care center yesterday, I got to see a patient I had talked to a few weeks before. We talked for almost two hours, and I gave her my teddy bear. She was crying, saying over and over “I love my teddy bear, now I have a brother.” It was such a blessing to talk to her and so hard to say goodbye.” –Rachel J.

“I had so much fun teaching the better choices lessons. It helped me to think about what I really believed, because in order to teach something you have to understand it. It was such a cool experience!” –Ellie K.

“One of my favorite moments in ministry was our first day at the school. There was a moment where Robert (one of the classroom leaders) and I stepped outside, looked at one another and just realized how great the students were doing. All engaged, all enjoying the work being done. They didn’t need us. The room was running so smoothly and afterwards walked away with huge smiles on their faces. I was so proud!”
–Hannah B.

“I’ve loved my small group at the school this week. Sitting on top of the mountain at Jesus and praying. Jumping in the water at the beach, with my groups of girls at sports camp week.”

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“My favorite part of ministry was when we used sports to connect the kids with Christ. It was awesome to see the kids faces light up when I would bring out a soccer ball and how they would chase it around totally forgetting any of their problems or struggles they had been going through and just running around have the time of their life.”
–Everett S.

“During mission trip ministry, I had been helping out with crafts but then we finished. I was out of energy I tried to push through and keep playing but I ended up sitting down and not really paying attention. Then this little boy came and sat down next to me and we started talking. Then we started playing together and over the next hour we went and found a few more leaders and a lot more boys. I just love how God used a time when I was sitting down and not even trying to be helpful to show me how I could help and serve.” –Evan E.

“One of my favorite moments from the past week was when we went back to Jesus on the second day and Essa, a little girl that I had connected with on the first day, ran up to me with her arms outstretched to be picked up. She had remembered my name and the handshake that we made together.” –Ellie A.

“My favorite experience was today at small groups at Nkonka. After explaining the KGP, we asked if anyone would like to make the final step. All of the girls were quiet but then one named Thando spoke up and asked what the final step was. Ellie (who was leading with me) explained and then asked Thando if she would like to accept Jesus into her heart and she said yes! They stepped outside and talked and then prayed. I never thought that God could use me for such an awesome thing! I’ve loved this school week. My favorite memory was beach day though. I really got to connect with and love on the kids. From teaching them how to float to holding their hands or holding them on my back. It was all amazing!” –Rebekah L.

“One of my favorite experiences has been sitting down on the rough grass under the vast sun and just talking with two Zulu boys for hours. I shared my story with them and they did the same with me. We talked about home life, hobbies, and what we believed. I talked with them about the Gospel and they were excited to ask questions. The bond that I built with the two boys was one of the many blessings God has bestowed upon me this trip. I know now that I have memories with them, the likes of which I will never forget.” –Sam G.

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