Reflections: “Out of My Comfort Zone”


One of my favorite parts of getting to be a leader on an mk2mk projects is how much we emphasize giving our teens the chance to lead and take ownership over the ministry we do. But that is never easy – it takes a lot of stepping out in faith, trusting God, and doing things that aren’t comfortable. But it is also so rewarding and encouraging to see how they experience God working through them. So here are some more comments from our students on their favorite memory moments.

“My favorite ministry moments were connecting with the safe play kids: building relationships with them over that week was the best interaction to the community + culture in general. Day by day, you would usually see a specific few really light up when they saw us, like we really impacted them personally. Even weeks really impacted them personally. Even weeks later when I saw a few at house visits they remembered me and immediately trusted me again.” –Lexe V.

“House visits – getting to share my testimony was so cool. Just seeing how God used my testimony to impact someone I literally just met.” –Tim E.

“My favorite ministry experience was on the last day of our sports camp. I had built trust with this one girl from the Thursday before, so it was nice to stick with her and focus on loving one person.”–Emma M.

“My favorite ministry experience was doing house visits today. I had been feeling pretty out of it before we went, but God really used our time at one of the Youth Alive student’s house to wake me up and remind me why we’re here. It was so good getting to hear her story and to encourage her with ours. We got to bless her with a food parcel, which was great, too.” –Ben S.

“My favorite ministry experience was talking to girl I met, named Minehle, at VBS the first week. I really got to know her there and was sad to say goodbye but then she showed up at sports camp during week 3! I got to know her more and talk to her about her father’s death, fears, and God. It was so cool to see God pursuing her heart through me and so amazing to see her open up as we got to know each other.”
–Naomi B.

“My favorite moment/experience in ministry was making new friends of completely different culture and seeing God in their lives. It was encouraging to see them live their lives even with hardships. Another favorite moment was when I came down the huge hill with April and another Zulu boy. We held each other’s hands the whole time and talked.” –Anonymous

“Leading a small group of 8th and 9th graders was something I never thought I’d be able to o. It was something very much out of my comfort zone. It was so cool to see God work through me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.” –Jacob F.

“The best moment for me was probably when the kids we were ministering to opened up and really let me connect with them. You would think that because you’re only with them for a few days they wouldn’t trust you as a stranger and stay distant, but they didn’t. I am so glad that I could actually talk about deeper things with them.” –Anonymous

“Getting to know the girls in my small group at Nkonka. It’s so cool that even though we come from two completely different backgrounds we can still talk a relate and laugh and build a relationship. I love being able to hangout with them, but also share the Gospel and our stories and having deep conversations.” –Libby B.

“One of my favorite moments was on the first day of sports camp. In the afternoon they paired kids up with leaders so they could go swim in the ocean for the last part of the day. I was put in charge of 5 little girls and they were so much fun. They got so much joy from jumping over the waves, running from the waves, and screaming when they saw a big wave coming. They would grab my arms and hang on for dear life, but when a wave swept them off their feet they would pop back up, as excited as ever. It was so fun to play with them and be a part of fun they were having that afternoon. Having those 5 girls gave me a smaller group to connect with and get to know, which I really enjoyed.”
–Lia B.

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I'm a Jamaican MK, a Vanderbilt University grad, and currently working with MK2MK full-time in Orlando. I love going on project and sharing our experiences with people back home!

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