Reflections: “He will fight for us no matter what.”


These reflections were written in response to being asked, “What is something you’ve learned while on mission here in South Africa?”

This oft-repeated quote about short term missions is almost a cliché now. In some ways it represents an issue with the problems there are in going to serve for a short time and expecting to change the world. But overall I think it shows something that will always be true, no matter how well we serve or for how long. It goes something like this: “I thought I was meant to go in order to teach lessons that God wanted me to teach, but it was actually to learn the lessons he wanted me to learn.” We expect for the greatest change to happen through us and our ministry, but often the greatest change we can see happens in us. These reflections are a testament to that.

“God had been opening my eyes to see his powerful grace. He’s taught me so much about the importance of obedience and that it’s not a perfect performance that brings him honor. He has given us so much grace, and he is such a good God. Just by loving someone, we are bringing him honor.” –Ellie K.

“I have been learning about God’s abundance. Not only is he a God that loves, but he loves unconditionally. Not only is he a God who offers grace, but with a cup overflowing. He had given me peace, understanding, energy and love during my time here! I am learning to trust in this attribute of his.” –Hannah B.

“God’s been teaching me about his unconditional, unfailing love for me. He’s also been teaching me just how to share the gospel. I’ve never really done it before and especially in this second half of our time here I’ve had many opportunities to do so. I’ve been much more comfortable just talking about God and Jesus in everyday situations, and asking questions to turn the conversations that way.” –Anonymous

“I’ve learned a lot about God on these last couple of weeks and what stuck out was that God is a fighter. I got to be a pat of a drama and play the part of Jesus and from that I learned that he will fight for us no matter what.” –Everett S.


“I’ve been learning about God’s faithfulness. He is constant and always there; someone I can lean into for comfort, strength, and support. He’s shown me so many answers to prayer, and even when his answer is no, he always has something better in mind. He’s not going to leave me alone to struggle.” –Rachel J.

“I’ve been learning recently about how God needs to be my hope and my strength because He is the only thing that I can actually hope in that will never fail. And also that He gives me His strength when I don’t have any.” –Ellie A.

“God has been teaching me, to trust him in all that I do, no matter how foolish I look to the children or how foolish I look to the adults, I can be foolish for the Lord.” –Sam G.

“God has shown me faithfulness that if I have faith God will answer in one way or another.” –Tim E.

“Dependency. It’s okay to rely on other people and especially God when life gets hard or scary. I’ve learned that God has placed specific people in my life to look over me. I want to learn to trust and depend on them more. God has used this MK family to show me that and has taught me that he’s trustworthy and listens.” –Lexe V.


All photos by Hannah Broadwell

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I'm a Jamaican MK, a Vanderbilt University grad, and currently working with MK2MK full-time in Orlando. I love going on project and sharing our experiences with people back home!

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