Reflections: “The God who sees me”


Thanks for reading about our summer in South Africa this year! This will be the last post about our time there. Be on the look out for more posts from our other ministries, and before long we’ll be getting ready for another summer back in Port Shepstone.

These reflections were written in response to being asked, “What is something you’ve learned while on mission here in South Africa?”

“El Roi: The God who sees me. I love that picture of God seeing me and caring. It’s a good reminder when I don’t feel good enough for anyone or worthy for anyone see me or like me. I can remember that He is the God who sees me, not sometime sees me or mostly sees me, but always sees me.” –Libby B.

“God has taught me that it’s okay to have doubts/be lost and thirst for him because it is what brings us closer to him.” –Emma M.

“An attribute of God I’ve been learning more about here has been his grace. It’s easy for me to get caught up in expectations I think God has of me and really hard for me when I feel like I don’t measure up. It’s been comforting to learn more and more that I don’t have to measure up and that His grace is more than sufficient for me.” –Ben S.


“I would say that God has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I was kind of nervous coming here, but I have had such a great time that I’ll probably do it again sometime.” –Anonymous

“An attribute of God that I’ve been learning about is his faithfulness. His faithfulness to provide and have sufficient grace for me, but also his faithfulness in pursuing my heart and changing my heart (and the patience that comes with that). It’s also been so cool to see God’s faithfulness to the people here in ministry.” –Naomi B.

“I’ve learned that my God is a cross-cultural God, which makes him our God at the same time. I’ve also learned that he wants to have individual relationships with every single one of us.” ­­–Anonymous


“God has been teaching me about how I need to depend on Him and trust Him for everything I do and everything I walk through. During project, yes, but it has been an encouragement to me to see God taking control and forcing me to depend on him instead of myself, and then reminding me that as I go into my senior year and all the college craziness, that same God is going to be in control and I can trust Him.” –Lia B.

“I’ve learned to trust God more and know He is in control. I was pretty nervous to share my testimony, but when I took a step of faith and volunteered to share, I was able to do something that I am now really glad I did.” –Jacob F.

“Love. He will always be there for me. If I run to Him, His arms are always open. Even when I feel I don’t belong, His embrace never loosens. His presence is a place where I will always belong. His heart is so big for me.” –Anonymous


All photos by Hannah Broadwell

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I'm a Jamaican MK, a Vanderbilt University grad, and currently working with MK2MK full-time in Orlando. I love going on project and sharing our experiences with people back home!

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