Xtrack Week 2

By Jessi B.


We had our first full week today with the kids and oh what a joy it was!


This week the preschoolers memorized

Matthew 4:19, “Come and follow me,’ Jesus said.”

Throughout the week they learned how they can follow Jesus and how they can help others follow Jesus too! They enjoyed getting to worship, especially since many of them have older siblings in the elementary and teen rooms that come join. This is a time when the leaders can clearly see that the preschoolers have really come out of their shells as they energetically and passionately dance and sing. It is so fun to see God’s joy shine through these kids. As the preschoolers have begun to get used to their schedule and seeing each other, they have also become excited to welcome and reunite with their fellow classmates each day! They are even learning to be helpful and kind to each other.


Similarly with preschool, the elementary classroom just loves the time they get to worship with their siblings each morning. This week the kids had prayer stations set up around the room where they could  put up a post-it for a personal prayer request, pray over a world map or specific countries, and also an area to pray for each other. They had a lesson in what it means to be a Missionary kid versus a missionary‘S kid. We wanted them to see that God has not just called their parents, but them as well. Instead of simply feeling like they have been dragged along, we wanted them to be able to take ownership of their own calling. Another lesson the elementary kids enjoyed this week was on transition. The leaders used repotted plants to teach them about the different stages of transition.


On Tuesday the teens went to a big park nearby. After doing their quiet times in nature, they were given some free-play time where they exemplified their imaginations climbing all over the jungle gyms and some hammocks we brought along. We headed inside as it started raining, but we all enjoyed some vigorous rounds of mafia!

Then the next day the teens went to a food bank to help bag apples. We wanted them to learn that they can do service anywhere and that this is an important part of honoring the Lord and creating opportunities to share His Gospel with others.

All Classes

This week we enjoyed hearing about the country of Egypt from leader Claire during World Showcase. The kids liked learning about the famous professional soccer (football) player, Mohamed Salah. Claire gave out papyrus bookmarks with hieroglyphics on it to those who were able to answer questions correctly about Egypt at the end of the Showcase, and many of those kids continued to marvel at the ancient script throughout the day.

We also spent Friday all together watching the movie Ratatouille. This is one of our “simulation” activities, which we have each week using scenarios or materials to help the kids interact with their learning in a more tangible way. After watching the movie we all split back into our classrooms to debrief the transitions Remy, the main character went through as he moved and even became separated from his family. We also discussed what it looks like to make friends with someone who might be quite different from us (in this case between a human and a rat!).

Prayer Requests

  • Energy for the team to keep up with the kids!
  • Wisdom and clarity for us in communicating with the kids and each other
  • Preschoolers acclimating to structure and separation from parents
  • The upcoming emotional and personal lessons for the teens


Thank you all for your support and prayers, they are deeply appreciated!


Bosnia and Herzegovina: God’s in Control!

By Ben Babione

Pictures by Tim Hepokoski

u70A4AuM.jpegWith one full week of ministry coming to an end here in Sarajevo, the narrow European city streets, hot summer days, and endless amounts of bread have become a somewhat normal part of our lives. As we have become more and more acquainted with the life and culture here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our team has been able to see and serve God in several different ways.

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Xtrack is up and running!

By Jessi B.

What an EVENTFUL week and a half it has been! We have been preparing for months now through raising support, skype team meetings, and of course lots prayer to finally be here in Colorado investing in the XTrack kids! We started out with a few days of training together as a team, and then jumped right in with each of the classrooms.


                                                             XTRACK KIDS LEADERSHIP TEAM                                                                  Top (left to right): Evan, Aliese, Nicki, Claire, Jenna
Bottom (left to right): Priscilla, Kathryn, JessiEnter a caption

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Welcome South Africa Team 2019



Здравейтей! We’re Tracy and Julie Dykes. (Tracy’s the one with short hair; Julie’s the cute one.) We served 14 years in post-communist Bulgaria, where we raised two MKs, Timo and Max. We now live in Budapest, Hungary leading the MK2MK stint team there. Julie enjoys dark chocolate, taking walks, cooking, and secretly dreams of being a world-class dancer. Tracy loves wildlife (both animals and students), movies, card magic, and is the biggest Spider-Man fan you’ll ever meet.

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Welcome Bosnia team 2019!

54515764_10155735459520670_8335401833468002304_oHey! I’m Bekah Leary! I am a world-traveler, aunt, and corny joke guru. I love to laugh, sing, and climb trees. The most interesting things about me are that I can balance (at least) four apples on my head, can do some funny voices including but not limited to: Daffy Duck, chewbacca, and a chimpanzee, and I LOVE ice cream! I have been involved in MK2MK since I attended the Eastern Europe Area Conference in 11th grade and have been on three summer projects before this one!


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Welcome XTRACK 2019 Team!

The Xtrack team will be meeting up in Colorado to lead a transition training program for 28 kids, ages 6 months- 15 years old! In just over a week we will all be meeting up to do some training and preparation for the upcoming program. We are so excited for the opportunity to share our experiences as MK’s!

Please welcome the MK2MK Xtrack Kids team and keep them in your prayers as the head out to Colorado!

dsc_0237-2.jpgHey! My name is Kathryn and I look forward to the new experience of co-directing Xtrack kids this summer! I grew up in Romania and Hungary and I graduated from Anderson University in 2016 as a nurse. I now work full time with MK2MK and I am so excited to be able to use both nursing and my experience as an Mk in the work that I do. While I’ve been to over 30 countries, I’ve only been to 9 states, so I look forward to getting to see more of America and adding Colorado to my state count!

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Team Summer!

amarnath-tade-739085-unsplash.jpgThis summer MK2MK is excited to be headed out to three different locations on three different continents!

We are going to do two summer missions trips, one to South Africa and one to Bosnia and Herzegovina! We are also leading a five week transition program in Colorado for Cru missionary kids moving overseas.

Our first team heads out in just a week to Colorado to prepare for our five week training. At our office we have been super busy ordering supplies, packing boxes and suitcases and printing all kinds of material. From the looks of it, this is going to be one crazy, but fun summer!

Over the next few days we are excited to introduce the leaders for all three teams that we have going out this summer!

Through out the summer we will be posting about the experiences and adventures of each team! We look forward to sharing how God is working through our teams this summer!

Stay tuned to hear more about each trip as the summer progresses!