Social Action Night In The Rainbow Nation


By Hannah Broadwell

Although the country of South Africa has experienced incredible growth over the years, it has a long history of hardship. During our last few weeks here, our team has gotten the opportunity to interact with South African culture in many different spheres. Hospice. School. Vacation Bible School. Youth Group. With the routine of ministry, it is easy to forget the painful past of this region. But, just this past weekend, our team got to gather and spend time looking at the issues this country still faces today.

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Xtrack: When Moving Becomes a Reality

By Jessi Bullis



J, one of the teens helps his “child” make her passport

Over the course of the last two weeks we have had the opportunity to lead the kids in three different shaping and training simulations! 

The first was the Airport Simulation. This gave the kids a chance to experience what the travel process is to go overseas. They had to do everything from getting a medical examination and applying for visas, to exchanging their currency and going through customs control on the “other end.” The teens were each paired up with a preschooler to create their own little “family” units so that the preschoolers would have help throughout the process. We knew sending in a four year old to fill out a visa form on their own would not have been very effective! It was also exciting to see how this helped the teens take more ownership, seeing them step up and protect or provide for the younger students, while even giving them an extra challenge of keeping the kids calm while they waited to board their plane.   Continue reading

Friendships Made- Speak Out

By Ben Babione

4L1wKHxc.jpeg“Welcome to Speak Out!!!” The shout enthusiastically rung out across the courtyard as each camper came into the high school compound Monday morning. The Bosnian students made their way to the registration table, received a colored bandana representing which team they would be on for the week, and began to meet new people. This week was going to be about one major thing: friendship. Continue reading

Mission Trip to KwaNzimakwe

By Hannah Broadwell


Unity. Three different groups, three different cultures but one mission, one God. Our team packed up for the week and left for a campsite about 45 minutes away. Our group of MKs would be combining with two youth groups for a short mission trip in a rural community called KwaNzimakwe. Both of these youth groups are a part of the church we partner with here in South Africa. Youth Worx due to its location, is composed of mostly white or Afrikaans high schoolers. While Youth Alive is mainly composed of Zulu young people. These two groups, because of their difference in location and culture don’t always get the chance to meet regularly. But, through this opportunity we got to combine the three groups and do ministry alongside one another.

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Into the Streets

By Ben Babione

everything drama

On Wednesday morning, our team made its way to the old cathedral located on the main walking street of Sarajevo. Excitement could be felt throughout the entire group in anticipation of the day ahead. Today was the day we would get to use our drama (the Everything Drama) as a way of presenting the gospel and sparking conversations with people passing by. Our hope was to use this five-minute, gospel-centered drama to prompt conversations with local Bosnians and interrupt their normal routines with the love of Christ.

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Xtrack Week 2

By Jessi B.


We had our first full week today with the kids and oh what a joy it was!


This week the preschoolers memorized

Matthew 4:19, “Come and follow me,’ Jesus said.”

Throughout the week they learned how they can follow Jesus and how they can help others follow Jesus too! They enjoyed getting to worship, especially since many of them have older siblings in the elementary and teen rooms that come join. This is a time when the leaders can clearly see that the preschoolers have really come out of their shells as they energetically and passionately dance and sing. It is so fun to see God’s joy shine through these kids. As the preschoolers have begun to get used to their schedule and seeing each other, they have also become excited to welcome and reunite with their fellow classmates each day! They are even learning to be helpful and kind to each other. Continue reading

South Africa: Week 1

blog 1 pic 4.jpgOur stomachs were tired of airplane food and our eyes were heavy as we drove away from King Shaka International Airport. My team had been traveling together for over 36 hours all the way from Orlando, FL. We may have all been tired but we were excited to get to Port Shepstone. Ready to meet the team, ready to prepare, ready to serve. Continue reading