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I'm a Jamaican MK, a Vanderbilt University grad, and currently working with MK2MK full-time in Orlando. I love going on project and sharing our experiences with people back home!

Reflections: “The God who sees me”


Thanks for reading about our summer in South Africa this year! This will be the last post about our time there. Be on the look out for more posts from our other ministries, and before long we’ll be getting ready for another summer back in Port Shepstone.

These reflections were written in response to being asked, “What is something you’ve learned while on mission here in South Africa?”

“El Roi: The God who sees me. I love that picture of God seeing me and caring. It’s a good reminder when I don’t feel good enough for anyone or worthy for anyone see me or like me. I can remember that He is the God who sees me, not sometime sees me or mostly sees me, but always sees me.” –Libby B.

“God has taught me that it’s okay to have doubts/be lost and thirst for him because it is what brings us closer to him.” –Emma M.

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Reflections: “He will fight for us no matter what.”


These reflections were written in response to being asked, “What is something you’ve learned while on mission here in South Africa?”

This oft-repeated quote about short term missions is almost a cliché now. In some ways it represents an issue with the problems there are in going to serve for a short time and expecting to change the world. But overall I think it shows something that will always be true, no matter how well we serve or for how long. It goes something like this: “I thought I was meant to go in order to teach lessons that God wanted me to teach, but it was actually to learn the lessons he wanted me to learn.” We expect for the greatest change to happen through us and our ministry, but often the greatest change we can see happens in us. These reflections are a testament to that.

“God had been opening my eyes to see his powerful grace. He’s taught me so much about the importance of obedience and that it’s not a perfect performance that brings him honor. He has given us so much grace, and he is such a good God. Just by loving someone, we are bringing him honor.” –Ellie K.

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Reflections: “Out of My Comfort Zone”


One of my favorite parts of getting to be a leader on an mk2mk projects is how much we emphasize giving our teens the chance to lead and take ownership over the ministry we do. But that is never easy – it takes a lot of stepping out in faith, trusting God, and doing things that aren’t comfortable. But it is also so rewarding and encouraging to see how they experience God working through them. So here are some more comments from our students on their favorite memory moments.

“My favorite ministry moments were connecting with the safe play kids: building relationships with them over that week was the best interaction to the community + culture in general. Day by day, you would usually see a specific few really light up when they saw us, like we really impacted them personally. Even weeks really impacted them personally. Even weeks later when I saw a few at house visits they remembered me and immediately trusted me again.” –Lexe V.

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Reflections: “Memories I Will Never Forget”

unnamed (2)

As we wrapped up our last week of ministry in Port Shepstone, we took some time to reflect and hear about some of our team’s favorite moments throughout the trip. A big focus we have within the last few days is marking what God has done, both through us and in our own hearts. Here are some of the students responses to being asked what their favorite experience or moment in ministry was.

“Going to the care center yesterday, I got to see a patient I had talked to a few weeks before. We talked for almost two hours, and I gave her my teddy bear. She was crying, saying over and over “I love my teddy bear, now I have a brother.” It was such a blessing to talk to her and so hard to say goodbye.” –Rachel J.

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Look for Resilience

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Jordan – an MK from South Africa and now a missionary working with SafePlace in Port Shepstone, and Mhlengi and Bonga, two members of our local team who drive our vans to get us from place to place. They gave us a language lesson during briefing.

Every year we come to South Africa we hear a similar story. We are told about the different people groups that live in seemingly very segregated areas. On one side of the main road, near the beach, there will be resort homes and nice malls. On the other side there will be informal settlements and very little wealth to be seen. But this time we didn’t just talk about how things are now, we actually talked about why it is that way, and why the communities we work in look so different and experience life on the “South Coast” (south coast of this province, KZN) so differently. This ‘why’ is rooted in history and the system of apartheid that has been officially dismantled but still maintains a similar grip and structure around society. Blacks and whites are no longer legally required to live separately, but systematic poverty and unemployment keeps many separate still.

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From Summer Intern to Staff : Paul’s Journey to Full-Time ministry with mk2mk


Paul and his parents, Ken & Kathryn, after getting commissioned as a missionary with Cru

A hallmark of growing up is looking back and realizing all the things you didn’t really know. Maybe you look back and think about how you didn’t know how to do your taxes, or do your hair. For me I look back at something pretty big that I didn’t know, considering my current career: I didn’t know I was an MK.

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Conferences: Planning & Preparation

Where have we been this Spring?

If you’ve been around mk2mk in January before, you know that it is not quite the perfect picture of peace we might want it to be. Things are intense – our office space becomes a battle zone of crafts laid out and lined up, as well as T-Shirts and booklets, talks being edited, quiet-time material being prepped, playlists being made, and between it all prayer for the students we’ll get to connect with. While things do get hectic, it is really awesome to have the opportunity to put such intentionality and effort into the conferences we serve at.

This January we were preparing for four main conferences that we’ll be hosting mk2mk programs at:


The EEASC Theme for 2018: Rest, Run, Renew

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