This is a page for the curious, those who love to explore, a collection of material about being an MK, blogs by MKs, and so so much more.

Communicating across boundaries is my all time favorite MK/TCK blog. Marilyn Gardner is an Adult TCK who has just recently moved back overseas. She understands the search for identity, belonging, and home.

Denizen Magazine  “is an online magazine and community dedicated to people who grew up in multiple countries, international school alumni, or Third Culture Kids.”

Third Culture Kids by David C Pollock, Ruth E Van Reken, and Michael V. Pollock- “An enlightening look at the challenges of children of expatriates, missionaries, and others who grow up outside their home culture.”

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – The journey of a porcelain rabbit and his search to find the home he lost.

TCK Tales is a podcast for TCKs by TCKs talking about a myriad of topics such as grief, transition, home, and belonging. Jonathan the host is a TCK himself and has been involved with MK2MK in the past. He even interviews a few of our college MKs, so you should all go give him a listen and see if you can recognize which of your friends are on his podcast.

Born to Wander by Michelle Van Loon is a book about recovering the value of our pilgrim identity, and is a must read for all of us pilgrim TCK/MKS. “All of us have a little wanderlust- a desire for that next thing, that new place-but this competes with our longings for security, control, and safety. We don’t like feeling unsettled and uprooted. But the truth is that God has a profound purpose for leading us into times of wandering.”

Andrew Neel is an amazing photographer and MK2MK associate. He has designed our website and taken many of our amazing photos, including the cover photo for this blog!

Hiding in the Hallway by Jeanne Harrison is a book about being an Mk and how we can practically apply the gospel to different parts of our lives. “So when I say I know what you need, it’s not because I’m psychic or because I think being an MK means that I understand you completely. Rather it’s because the Bible reveals that despite our differences, all of humanity needs the same thing. We need the gospel of Jesus Christ…”